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Registration in the bookmaker: how to register at betlion

Betlion was founded in 2018 and quickly burst into Kenya's top 10 bookmakers. Their site is aimed at players from mobile phones, and an Android smartphone application is also available for download. You can download the application directly from the bookmakers site without going to the play market. Betlion has become so popular that bookmaker ads flaunt billboards in major cities. There are several reasons why so many people want to register with Betlion and we will tell you about it now.

Registration betlion

To find out about all the benefits of betlion, first you need to register with a bookmaker and gain access to the full functionality of the site. To start the registration process, review the mark in the screenshot below and repeat the action. You can go to the bookmaker website using the quick navigation buttons on our website.

betlion main page

Opening an account with Betlion

Now you are on the registration page. You only need to have a mobile phone with you and the ability to receive sms from betlion. Enter your phone number, the bookmaker will send you a message on the phone, which contains a 4-digit code for the site. Enter this code twice in the appropriate lines and your registration will be completed! Your generated Betlion login and password will come to your phone in the form of a push notification.

account betlion

First deposit

If you entered the verification code correctly and you received a username and password, you will see a message about successful registration in betlion, as well as a sign will appear for quick replenishment of the account via M-pesa paybill. Click on it for details on deposit and withdrawals.

registration completion

Betlion Jackpot

Now we will tell you about the features of betlion, which were written about at the beginning of the article. The first is the jackpot. The bookmaker attracts money among his players. There are two types of jackpot: daily and weekly. Every day you can win 200 000 KES and every week as much as 15 000 000 KES. These prizes will be given to those who made the most bets during the draw period and who have more than % of the predicted bets. That is, you need to be the best forecaster to get a prize. Besides the fact that you make good money on your bets, you will also be awarded an additional prize. This is a very cool offer and therefore Betlion is so popular.

deposit betlion

Pick 6

Pick 6 is a game in which you can also try your luck. Your main task is to correctly guess the score of the next 6 football matches. If you guess correctly all 6 - get the main prize of 500,000 KES from Betlion. But do not be discouraged if you were unable to guess all the events, Betlion also distributes 50,000 KES each, for those who guessed 5 of 6 events. Participation in pick 6 is absolutely free and does not require anything, you just need to be registered with Betlion.

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